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Awards Medal

  • Gold Tone Winner Award Medals

    Gold Tone Winner Award Medals

    Question: Is the gold coating easy to be oxidized? Answer: It’s depends on the quality of the electroplating and paint oil, some of the manufacture make it with poor quality coating, and do not protect it with pain oil, it’s easy to be oxidized, and put it in a bag will...Read More
  • Custom Made Medals

    Custom Made Medals

    Customized the medals(metal,zinc alloy or stainless material)with enamel on single or double sides, and attach the sublimateed ribbion, a chain or a rope, custom made medals,medal of honor,metal medals, please read more......Read More
  • Sports Awards Medal

    Sports Awards Medal

    We believe you are eager for a proper partner than the low price, we were cheated by some clients before, so we know that feel. Learn more, please read FEATURES belowRead More
  • Swimming Awards Medal

    Swimming Awards Medal

    Price, quality are absolutely important, while if a supplier understands what you want, that will be wonderful, good communication and understanding will minus the risk, avoid the time consuming, learn more, please read the FEATURES belowRead More
  • Running Awards Medal

    Running Awards Medal

    Customize running race medals, what you need to do is passing us the order, we will definitely take care the rest, it is not something vaunting, while tested and approved by our clients, please read the FEATURES below for more informationRead More
  • Best Marathon Medal

    Best Marathon Medal

    Purchase good quality Gold Silver Bronze sports medallion, please read the FEATURES below, we have some essential information for youRead More
  • Gold Silver Bronze Medallion Sports

    Gold Silver Bronze Medallion Sports

    Purchase good quality sports medallion What is a event medallion for? ●Gives acknowledgement to people who achieved goal ●Encourages athletes to strive for better success ●Motivate the athletes’ better performance ●Increased confidence and morale for a team to fight for the...Read More
  • Cycling Awards Medal

    Cycling Awards Medal

    We can’t make sure the cost is the lowest, what we are confident is: credit. any defective which caused by our carelessness in the production will be remade and shipped freely, please read the FEATURES below, it’s important to youRead More
  • Bicycle Race Awards Medal

    Bicycle Race Awards Medal

    For an order, every step is important, it is not only to check the results roughly, while from the beginning: material, pre-production sample, in the process etc. Please read the FEATURES below for important informationRead More
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