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Beer Bottle Opener Card

Beer Bottle Opener Card

Are you confused about prices on the products that have the same size, appearance while a big difference on the price? Please read the FEATURES below to learn more about it and have some cautions for your next purchase

 ● Ace spades poker, nice for parties & BBQs & Traveling and so on 

 ● A slim body, credit card size casino opener, good felling easily fits in your pocket, wallet or card holder
 ● Use the cleverly crafted hole in the center shaped like a spade to pry your beer and soda bottles, a fun novelty piece is small but powerful and is durable enough to tackle any bottle cap
 ● Material: Stainless Steel, Product size: 2 x 3.25-inches
 ● For more fun, you can make them by set or puzzles, like we made for our other clients, all 6 or 12 pieces are a complete set, all the same front while all different back to combine the texts you want for games or event promotions, and if need to assemble them in a line, just add some holes in the corners or nearby the edge, we could say it is a card, a tool also a great publicity

What you care about this item?  
 Checking trough some of the sellers’ reviews on the Amazon shops, what kind of elements will affect the price? Some of you maybe do not know this, it looks the same on the size and appearance from the photo, while will make a difference on both weight, usage and price  with a different thickness, that is why some clients ask why the price is not the same or even higher for the same items?   
 Let’s see what a buyer suffered from an online purchasing, ‘’these are lower quality than what other vendors are selling in the same item, thinner metal, and less finish on the edges. I am returning mine...’’

 Answers to his issues
 1: The supplier who sold the opener card to him use thinner material which makes the price cheaper while it is easy to break the area where bite the lid since the thickness is not strong enough to bear
 2: Less finish on the edge, it is a very important process to have a perfect edge, not only for better appearance, but also for safety, we need to make sure it does not hurt your hand  

Whenever you look for a product, price is not your only consideration, and when you find out there is big difference, making a careful survey before purchasing and you will find out the truth “you get what you pay for”, any more questions, please feel free to contact with us, AIJIE, works as its faith: Always work hard and sincerely, NO CHEATING!  

Product description
 ●   Item: Beer bottle opener card
 ●   Material: Stainless steel  
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Stamping, Polishing, Soft Enamel


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