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Beer Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Beer Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

We can create something more beyond the business, a person is not only a customer or supplier sometimes, also a good friend who you can trust on, please read the important FEATURES below

What’s the convenience a wall mount bottle opener can bring to you?   

 Easy to install with pre-drilled holes. You can also include the hardware (screws and small wall anchors) for the user’s installation convenience
 As a gift, well packaged and complete set comes in a gift box or good poly bag is recommended, your logo will be made on both of the products or on the package for your promote purpose
 Quickly pop bottle caps off Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, Budlight or your favorite bottles with a single hand and minimal leverage, what you need is only an opener with wall mounted

A person is not only a customer or supplier sometimes, also a good friend who you can trust on
 Here is a story between one of our Canadian customers and us
 Mylo checked around in YIWU market(the world’s biggest small commodity city consists of over 60000 shops)and took a rest on the chair, several friends and Gavin(Founder of AIJIE)hang out in the market, they looked at him, and discussed to talk with him, while nobody did it because of the fear, he looks serious that time, while still Gavin decided to talk to him, they talked a while and exchanged their contact information, and started cooperation unexpectedly, actually Mylo is a very kind person, easygoing and thoughtful, every time when he visited some other manufactures in the neighbor cities he came to YIWU by train, had dinner or lunch with us, then took a train back. Also when Gavin get married, he expressed best wishes and thanks to us in a letter, also a very dedicate heavy duty aluminum photo album, he did things as the father does, we feel so grateful

It looks like a very common story, nothing special, while Mylo taught us trust and the other people sincerely just like the 1st time we met him, he promised to reply us with some inquires, we thought he may not do that based on our mindset, while he did it, and also we learned from him, thinking highly of the long-term relationship between people rather than caring the immediate interests, he never squeezes us for any orders since suppliers also need profits to supply better service, and sure, any supplier will care more about the key accounts, maybe not big buyers while somebody easy to work with

 An all-win era, treat your suppliers and clients as partners for mutual benefits and development

Product description
 ●   Item: Beer wall mounted bottle opener
 ●   Material: Zinc Alloy
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Die-casting, Plating, Enamel  


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