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Common types of belt buckle
Nov 22, 2017

Automatic deduction, which is the most common type of buckle, has a small round magnet and a piece of iron seesaw combination to produce elasticity. The driving lever next to the flip plate and the magnet can be separated, then the belt can be passed from the middle, adjusted to the appropriate position after loosening, then the body in the magnetic role of the jammed. If you open it again, take it and pull it free. Loosen the transmission lever, the belt will automatically jammed, so call this type of buckle for automatic deduction.

Pin buckle, the middle position of the buckle head has a flat needle, at the end of the belt there is a row of holes, when the belt around a week later, the needle into the hole, so that the card is stuck. The structure of pin buckle is simple, and it is easy to use, which is one of the most commonly used buckle types.

Plate buckle: The key feature of the buckle is that the front part of the belt buckle has a hook around the round bead, and when the belt wraps around a week, it is stuck in the round hole with the hook in the tail of the body. The hooks have a lot of shapes and different structures, but we refer to this belt buckle as a buckle.

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