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Information about car Key chain
Nov 22, 2017

Car keychain, also known as car keychain, car key ring, car key chain, car key hanging and so on. The material of making car key buckle is metal, leather, plastic, wood and so on generally. This thing is exquisite small, the shape is ever-changing is people carry daily car supplies.

Car Keychain is a decorative item hanging on the key ring. The key to choose with their favorite key chain, not only can reflect the individual mood and personality, but also to show their own taste at the same time to bring their own happy mood.

Car keychain modeling, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models and so on, materials such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, and so on, now mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium and other anti-rust elements.

Car Keychain has now become a gift small gifts, can be sent to friends or themselves, express your heart.

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