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Instructions for the use of beer bottle opener
Nov 22, 2017

Beer, its taste is refreshing and delicious, is the most praised drink. In the scorching summer, a cup of refreshing and delicious beer, bringing the tip of the cool, comfortable, let the whole body immersed in a cool enjoyment.

But before drinking beer, we often face a problem: how to open the bottle cap? How to open the bottle cap better and faster?

Open beer bottle cap, can have a variety of methods, but a lot of people choose the simple and brutal approach, with the bottle head on the corner, or knock on the corner, so in the force of the role, the beer lid will fall off. And often this way of opening the lid, beer is a success to open the lid, can drink beer. However, unfortunately, in the open table, corner, can cause difficult repair damage. So, when opening beer bottles, we may as well use beer opener, safer and more efficient. In fact, it is not difficult to use a bottle opener to open a beer bottle:

1. The hollow ring of the bottle opener is pointed to the lid of the beer and is set on the beer bottle cap.

2. Grab the knob of the bottle opener, pry it into the beer bottle cap, push it a few times, the beer bottle cap will loosen, pry open, you can enjoy the beer.

Safety Tips

When the lid is pried, it cannot be directed at the person.

Beer bottles under the effect of internal pressure, the lid will be the beer burst, and if the beer bottle against the person, there will be an accident.

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