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Material and surface polishing treatment of belt buckle
Nov 22, 2017

Manufacturing belt buckle commonly used materials, belt buckle is the most commonly used material is zinc alloy, through the injection molding machine to melt the zinc alloy mold casting, and then through a variety of late polishing electroplating and other processing. In addition to zinc alloy and some of the use of copper as raw materials, copper buckle after post-processing can get a better gloss, feel and durability, but the cost is relatively high. Second, the use of stainless steel as the proportion of raw materials is also increasing, high-grade stainless steel has a very high-grade texture, but the low grade of stainless steel, texture rough, gloss and feel is not ideal, unfavorable to use.

Belt buckle surface treatment, polishing, forming the buckle, usually have a lot of sharp corners, the surface is also relatively rough, so the polishing treatment of it is very important link. At present, this process is almost manual operation, so the meticulous degree of polishing has a greater difference, a deduction of the work of the head to a large extent reflected in this point.

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