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Metal items plating
Nov 30, 2018

The reason why the electrolyte is conductive is different from the way the metal conductor is conductive. In metal conductors, current is delivered by the movement of free electrons, which are charged by charged ions. When we apply a voltage to the electrolyte, the ions ran to the opposite polarity of the electrode due to the attractive electric field. The cation runs toward the cathode and the anion runs toward the anode. Their movement allows current to pass, which is the principle of electrolyte conduction. When an electric current passes through the electrolyte, the redox reaction occurring on the electrode causes the electrolyte to be decomposed by the action of electricity to be called electrolysis. When the electricity is energized, the cation of the electrolyte moves to the cathode, and electrons are obtained at the cathode to be reduced to a new substance; the anion moves to the anode and loses electrons on the anode and is oxidized into a new substance. When the metal is used in various environments, due to the outside world The chemical and electrochemical action of the medium on the metal surface produces metal corrosion. The result of metal corrosion is not only the loss of the metal itself, but also the loss of use value due to the damage of the structure of the metal product, which is a waste of manpower and material resources, and its value is many times larger than the metal itself. Therefore, in the mass production of metal and metal products, it is necessary to fight the corrosion of metals. Electroplating is one of the most effective ways to increase metal protection and improve metal surface quality. Metal product plating is to protect the metal from corrosion, improve the performance of the metal product and increase the aesthetic appearance of the product.

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