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The role of the keychain
Nov 22, 2017

The key chain is a small, easy to carry little goods. The key chain can be applied to the following aspects.

1. Cartoon derivative: cartoon character image can be made by making some key buckle and other plastic craft gift sales more popular.

2. can be applied to personal items, personal jewelry, many people like to make a key on their own keys, as a decoration, environmental protection soft plastic material produced by the key is not only beautiful patterns, diverse styles, but also environmental protection.

3. Tourist gifts: Some tourist attractions can be tailored to these key points, to show some of the characteristics of this site, many visitors to the tourist see these key chain will also like to believe.

4. Exhibition Gifts: Now the exhibition is also more, if you can give in the exhibition with their own enterprise logo key chain, should also achieve a good publicity effect.

5. Corporate Souvenirs: Some businesses can also customize their keychain as souvenirs for their business on anniversaries.

6. Conference Gifts: Take part in some meetings if you carry these keychain with your own brand, you can let more people know themselves.

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