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Usage of Wine Bottle Opener
Nov 22, 2017

For the general stationary wine, such as dry red, dry white, pink and so on, open the bottle steps as follows:

1. Clean the wine bottle first, then use the knife on the bottle opener along the leak-proof ring (the circle-shaped part of the mouth protruding), cut the bottle seal, remember not to turn the bottle.

2. Wipe the mouth of the bottle with cloth or paper towel, then insert the screw of the bottle opener vertically into the center of the cork (if the drill is crooked, the cork is easy to be pulled off), clockwise direction slowly rotating into the cork.

3. With one end of the bracket to withstand the bottle, pull up the other end of the bottle opener, the cork is steady and gently pulled out.

4. Feel the cork to stop when it is pulled out, hold the cork with your hand, gently sway or rotate, and the gentleman to dial out the cork.

For sparkling wines, such as champagne, the open bottle steps are as follows:

1. Hold the bottleneck below the left hand, the bottle to tilt outward 15 degrees, the right hand will be the seal off the bottle, and the barbed wire set of locks at the wire slowly twist open.

2. In order to prevent the cork from bouncing out of the air by pressure, hold it with your hand and cover it with a layer of napkin. Hold the bottom of the bottle with the other hand and slowly turn the cork. The bottle can be slightly lower, which will be more stable.

3. If you feel the cork is about to push to the mouth, as long as a slight tilt to push the cork head, make a gap, so that the bottle of carbonated 1.1 points released outside the bottle, and then quietly pull up the cork. Don't be too loud.

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