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Belt Buckle For Sale
Jun 23, 2018

we are going to proceed the custom shape belt buckle mold today


Name: belt buckles cowboy

Material: Zinc alloy

Shape: Oval

Sizes: 90*60*3mm

G.W./ piece: 110gsm 

Functions: decoration, belt accessory, belt connector 

During the first shipment of samples , the customer requested us to pay the cost of the belt buckle parts as well as freight . After careful consideration , we adopted the following two options in line with the principle of mutual win - win .


The first option: according to our investigation and analysis, if this potential customer has better strength and credibility, we will pay the first sample fee and freight, but if there is another sample sent, These expenses will be paid by the customer.


The second option : If we cannot accurately understand the strengths and credibility of each other ' s customers , and we will pay the cost of the sample , and the customer pay the shipping cost of the sample .


We firmly believe that the confirmation of the cost of samples in these two modes can make both sides in a very fair premise, our company will continue to adhere to the win-win principle to do our every cooperation with customers!


Below is a picture of the belt buckle for sale sample we sent out

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