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Outdoor Multi-functional Spoon/fork/tools
Sep 07, 2018

Our USA client will make outdoor multi-functional tools for awards medals purpose 

Is it special and unique when you receive something really different and cool for an event after you finish a running race?  

What do you think a finishing medal will be? yes i think you see many kinds of different medals,how about a tool to act as the medal?with a string hangs on your neck or with a carabiner hangs on your bags or anywhere comfortable?this is what our client is going to make

For regular teams, 8 people join the running,and everybody gets a multi-functional tool, while actually it is an awards medal with the running location and some other contents on it,for Ultra team,there are 4 people, and they will get one running medal when finish the journey

Make delicate running race medals by zinc alloy or stainless steel material